A platform to run your business

Project Management

N’Ginie is a project management tool. to assign and monitor tasks to various individuals, within and outside the organization working together to assure customer, quality and regulatory requirements are met.

Business Process Automation

N’Ginie establishes company's  processes ensuring a simple and compliant operation. It automates process flows of a well-orchestrated team of office, field employees as well as external collaborators.

Quality Management

N’Ginie monitors companies performance: Objectives, Key Process indicators (KPI’s), status of training and certification. It assures QMS, customer, standards and regulatory requirements are met.

Project Management

  • Resource management and budgets
  • Visual management, customed and burndown charts
  • Prioritization and issue handling

"Before, we lacked a clear understanding of the status of our projects. N'ginie gives us peace of mind that we can now manage our projects on target within scope and securing the project's profit. We have gained a complete overview of the status of all projects so that we can make corrections real-time when deviations occur. This gives our company the strength we have never experienced before. The data was managed with various excel sheets, but with N'Ginie, we easily can delegate actions and navigate the deadlines and tasks never fall between two chairs."

Quality Management System

  • Document Control and Training
  • Risk Management and Business Planning
  • Audit Management
  • Nonconformance and Problem Handling
  • Corrective and Improvement Actions

"N’Ginie has provided a simple but solid framework that transformed complicated, unclear, and unrelated procedures into few relevant documents that our employees use for every day's outputs. ExeQute showed us how simple ISO can be. Achieving the ISO 9001:2015 certification was accomplished within 5 months through the N’Ginie platform. We went from having no process to having a complete easy overview of our process and actions required for our Quality Management System."

Business Processes Automation

  • Automated Recurring Processes
  • Role-based Task and Access
  • Process Performance
  • Customed API Integation

"We thought we had some good, clearly defined processes that were run in excel sheets, but when we went through the transformation with N'Ginie, it became clear that we have a large room for improvement. Now, our processes are fully standardized and automated, our activities run according to plan. Despite the standardization, there is still plenty of opportunity to carry out agile projects. In our industry, it is extremely important that we have top quality and the operation runs as efficiently as possible, as tight deadlines do not tolerate deviations. With standardized and automated project flows in N'Ginie, everyone knows what to do and when."


Project-based companies

Many companies are driven by projects with specific needs to meet deadlines and customed project requirement. Architects, industrial automation developers, product development and other engineering consulting houses have specific needs to define project specific customer, standard and regulatory requirements within a tight time schedule. The N’Ginie platform provides project management tools supporting your project specific needs such as project-centered dashboards and ad-hoc team collaboration while assuring company wide requirements for Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental are met and consolidated for overview and long-run analysis.

Production and Manufacturing

Production companies rely on outsourcing and globalization to reap advantages of lowered costs but this trend also led to inefficiencies and quality issues. Maintain quality in the supply chain and processes, ensure compliance and efficiently manage change within the organization with N’Ginie QMS and HSE solutions. N’Ginie enables production companies design products, plan production, capture production data, manage suppliers, plan and execute incoming, in process, final inspections and quality checks, manage preventive & breakdown maintenance, follow calibration schedule etc. while managing HR, purchase, delivery, HSE risk assessment.


The service industry is under increasing demands to meet existing and emerging challenges. N’Ginie QMS and HSE Management solutions supports the service industry in fulfilling their primary mission and deliver the best service by improving efficiency, driving up quality and reducing levels of deviations and non-conformities. N’Ginie meets flawlessly business goals through a standardized system.
The company has a process to easily scale up to multiple groups, sites and processes. Company’s activities, training, documents are consolidated in the platform assuring compliance and consolidating the company’s knowledge base.


The N’Ginie platform is structured according to the Harmonized- High-Level (HHL) structure adopted by the major industry Management System Standards. Your company easily meet all major Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental management system requirements with a single system, with single effort simply.

ISO 9001

The N’Ginie platform is structured according to the Harmonized- High-Level (HHL) structure adopted by the major industry Management System Standards.

Your company easily meet all major Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental management system requirements with a single system, with single effort simply.

ISO 14001

Occupational Health and Safety Management System or OHSMS is a strategic initiative. N’Ginie integrates seamlessly with your business processes.

N’Ginie is a comprehensive compliance management software simplifying the health, safety and compliance management processes across your organization.

ISO 45001

N’Ginie helps your organization addressing the ISO14001 standard requirements as it provides a structured framework the organization can follow for an effective environmental management system (EMS). N’Ginie seamlessly integrates and simplifies environmental compliance to the existing business processes of the organization.


N’Ginie is the only QMS platform designed for the small and medium sized companies. The platform is extremely intuitive, no administration and no configuration are required. Our support is focused not in the platform but in assisting your organization with quality and compliance related topics.

Process Development

We guide your organization with the development of your company’s business architecture and processes. We assure that the business model is sustainable, scalable and support your organization business goals.


We support you evaluating your business objective targets and results and how they are integrated into the organization. We focus on the value your QMS should provide to your organization and its return on investment (ROI) and organizational impact.


We train your management team and employees in the quality, health, safety and environmental standards. We adopt the standard requirements to your specific needs and culture.  We make Quality and compliance easy by merging to your company’s processes.

Internal audits

We perform internal audits to international standards, industry and your internal procedures.

We prepare detailed audit reports where the identified findings will improve your company’s performance and assurance to customer, standard and regulatory requirements.

Improvement actions

We support your improvement actions following disciplined methods for proper non-conformance identification, root cause analysis, implementation plan and effectiveness review.

Management review

We provide an independent and comprehensive assessment to assure your organization meets customer, quality, health, safety, and environmentalrequirements. Our ultimate objective is to assure the management review activity not only focuses on requirements but becomes an integral part of your organisation’s strategic tool for sustainability and growth.